ABC Poll: Trump Tops Biden On Key Voter Issues

The latest ABC/Ipsos poll released Sunday revealed that more Americans trust former President Donald Trump to lead the nation than President Joe Biden.

Though the corporate news media decided to portray the results as a “split,” the clear winner was Trump by three points over the incumbent. The 45th president also emerged victorious on almost every key issue concerning U.S. voters.

The poll, conducted March 8 and 9, showed 36% of adults trusted Trump compared to 33% who believed in Biden.

Then the survey turned to key issues in the 2024 presidential election, and the former president performed remarkably well. In every category except abortion and climate change, voters presented Trump with higher marks than the incumbent.

Two of the most prominent issues faced by the candidates are the economy and immigration. On the economy, Trump garnered a 49% favorable rating compared to Biden’s 37%.

This result was predictable due to the massive inflation under the Democratic administration that voters are still reeling from.

And when asked specifically about inflation, U.S. voters again trusted Trump over Biden. The former president’s policies were favored by 45% of respondents compared to a mere 31% for the Democrat.

Then there was illegal immigration, another obvious choice for Trump. The 45th president earned the trust and respect of 45% of Americans compared to only 29% for Biden.

Despite the administration’s recent efforts to pin blame for the ongoing illegal migrant crisis on Republicans, voters disagree. They well remember that it was Trump who ran on building the border wall, Trump who instituted Title 42 protections, and Trump who stood firm on immigration control.

On the flip side, Biden went out of his way to immediately reverse successful policies from the former administration. This opened the floodgates for millions of unvetted illegals to pour into the nation.

Crime was another winner for Trump as 45% of those surveyed favored the job he did to protect Americans. Biden only managed 35%.

There will be much spin on this and other polls that show Trump in the lead, but the numbers speak for themselves. In this early stage of the presidential campaign, more people trust the former chief executive to get the job done.