Adams Tells New Yorkers To ‘Mobilize’ Against Biden’s Illegal Immigration

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) is calling on New Yorkers to “mobilize and rally and go to” Washington, D.C., to speak out against the border crisis caused by President Joe Biden if they want to stop the city’s budget cuts caused by the flood of illegal aliens.

Adams has become a vocal opponent of illegal immigration into New York City, but not into the U.S. as a whole, in recent months in response to the massive flood of illegal aliens coming into his city who have caused a budget shortfall by using up resources.

The Democrat mayor’s latest tirade against the influx of illegal aliens came during a press conference on Tuesday, where he stated: “As Americans, we should go to our center of government and raise our voices when we believe the government is not responding accordingly.”

“I’m saying to New Yorkers, ‘You’re angry and I’m angry, and the source of our discontent lies in DC.’ And we need to mobilize and rally and go to D.C. and say to the national government, ‘This is not fair what’s happening to New York City!’” Adams added.

“I want to tell New Yorkers that the [K-12] class that you’re saying should not be cut, this is not our desire [to cut],” he continued. “Our desire is that we put money in those classes, we put money in senior care services, we put money in cleaning our streets.”

Adams also made sure to point out that many New Yorkers were unaware that Biden and his administration were actually the ones responsible for the illegal immigration, and that Adams and the New York City government have little control over the illegal aliens coming into the city.

“I need to connect New Yorkers to the source of the [illegal immigration] problem because many New Yorkers when I meet them on the subways or on the street, they say to me, ‘Well, I never knew you couldn’t stop people from coming that are migrants or asylum seekers, I never knew that you don’t have the authority to do deportation, [that] you don’t have the authority to say that you’re not going to house people,’” Adams explained.

“Many New Yorkers don’t know this. They’re not aware of it. And so it is my role to educate them [about] who is responsible for what we’re seeing in the city of New York,” he added.

The New York City mayor’s poll numbers have plummeted in recent weeks amid massive budget cuts that have left New Yorkers outraged, including a cut of nearly $7 billion from government services for Americans to make room in the budget to feed and house illegal aliens. A recent Quinnipiac poll showed Adams with just a 28% approval rating from registered voters in New York City.

This isn’t the first time that Adams spoke out against illegal immigration, as he declared back in September that the influx of illegal aliens “will destroy New York City.”

Soon after he began speaking out about the problem, the FBI coincidentally began an investigation into Adams’ fundraising process — prompting many to speculate that the probe was retaliation from the Biden administration for his outspokenness.