Alex Jones Has Been Reinstated To X After Successful Poll

After being banned from the platform for dubious reasons in 2018, controversial journalist Alex Jones has been reinstated to X, formerly known as Twitter, following a poll from X owner Elon Musk.

The poll asked users whether or not to bring Jones back, as Musk has repeatedly vowed to make X a platform that values freedom of speech. Jones was originally banned from Twitter under the company’s previous leadership. While many have claimed that the ban was because of his conspiracy theories about the Sandy Hook school shooting, or his various other controversial takes, this is far from the truth.

Media analyst Mark Dice detailed the actual reason behind Jones’ ban in a post on X, noting that “Twitter specifically cited the Oliver Darcy confrontation, who is a public figure (working for CNN), which took place on public property, while Darcy was working in the capacity of a reporter at the time, outside a congressional hearing about censorship on social media.”

“They claimed it was “harassment” because he told him off for working to get him banned off all the other platforms. The irony is too thick to even describe. Twitter held out after he was unpersoned by YouTube and Facebook, but then after he humiliated the CNN clown, that was cited as the reason for the ban by Twitter’s Trust and Safety account,” he added.

The infamous video is once again going viral amid Jones’ account being reinstated.

Musk published the poll on Saturday, asking users to vote “yes” or “no” to the question: “Reinstate Alex Jones on this platform?”

As he typically does with these important polls, Musk included the phrase “Vox Populi, Vox Dei,” in the post, which translates to “The voice of the people is the voice of God.”

After the poll concluded, it had received nearly 2 million votes. Jones held a 40% lead for much of the day, ending up with 70% of users voting “yes” and 30% voting “no.”

When the results were in, Musk published another post confirming that Jones’ account would be reinstated.

“The people have spoken and so it shall be,” he wrote.

Musk’s decision to consider reinstating Jones’ account came after independent journalist Tucker Carlson released an explosive interview with the controversial media personality published exclusively on X.

Musk vowed to watch the interview and give Jones a chance, responding to several posts about the issue.

“Think about how much letting Alex Jones BACK on X would make the machine rage @elonmusk. It’s time,” wrote popular YouTuber “The Quartering.”

“Will consider. In general, since this platform aspires to be the global town square, permanent bans should be extremely rare. Also, if he does say something false on this platform, then @CommunityNotes will correct him, whereas that would not be the case elsewhere. Let’s hold a poll,” Musk responded.

Jones has already been posting on the platform since Sunday morning, sharing posts from Andrew Tate, Mario Nawfal, Jack Posobiec, Mark Dice and Steven Crowder. He has also joined an X Space audio conversation with several popular users, including Musk, and posted a video talking about it.