Alleged Intruder Arrested Twice At Kennedy’s Home

Decades after his father and uncle were assassinated, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is facing his own threats as he pursues a White House bid as an independent candidate.

While still campaigning in the Democratic presidential primary race, he said that he sought Secret Service protection but was denied access by the Biden administration.

Earlier this week, reports indicate that an intruder was spotted climbing a fence around Kennedy’s home and was arrested. A short time later, the suspect was reportedly released and then re-arrested when he once again allegedly trespassed on the property.

Kennedy’s campaign indicated that the candidate was at home during both incidents.
A security team reportedly detained the individual before releasing him to officers with the Los Angeles Police Department. According to the campaign press release, the Secret Service had been notified “several times in recent months” about the individual and “alarming communications he has sent to the candidate.”

The statement went on to address Kennedy’s ongoing effort to obtain protection from the agency as his presidential campaign continues.

“Over the last several months, the campaign submitted formal requests for Secret Service protection, yet U.S. Department of Homeland Security Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas has refused to approve the protection,” the campaign asserted.

On the same day of the alleged intruder’s dual arrests, the agency received yet another request for protection, which stated: “Secret Service has been informed about this man several times in recent months. Secret Service is aware that he has sent hundreds of emails to the candidate, and believes he is being followed by people who intend to kill him. His obsession with RFK Jr. leads him to be at times hostile and angry.”

Last month, an armed man was arrested at an event in Los Angeles hosted by Kennedy, who had not yet exited the Democratic primary race at that time.

“The man claimed to be part of Kennedy’s security team” and said “that he needed to be taken to the candidate immediately,” the campaign explained at the time.
No one was injured in that incident and the suspect was arrested on suspicion of carrying a concealed weapon.