AOC’s District Labeled ‘Third-World’ As Migrant Surge Continues

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) district is being described as “third world” by a local resident in a video posted by Fox News.

In the midst of abundant trash and piles of clothes sitting on sidewalks for sale, local Ramses Frias said, “Like most of my like-minded residents, we see this as a third-world market.

He then added, “Basically, you just see clothes thrown across the floor … the items are stolen from donation bins or stolen from stores, and they just set up shop outside brick-and-mortar businesses. They take away trade from these businesses and don’t pay taxes.”

Ocasio-Cortez’s district includes large swaths of Queens and the Bronx.

Roosevelt Avenue in Queens has become known as the “market of sweethearts” as women stand around selling adult services, many of whom are teenagers. As families with strollers walk by, they hand out business cards with adult images on them.

For her part, Ocasio-Cortez responded to the video saying that it only showed migrants in their “worst moments.”

“What we are seeing here is the result of anti-immigrant policies that deny immigrants proper work permits and vending licenses, and drive them into the shadows of undignified conditions,” she said.

Of course, she did not explain how the existence of proper work permits and vending licenses had anything to do with the women selling their bodies on street corners. And while blaming “anti-immigrant policies” is a convenient scapegoat, she does not take into account how creating favorable conditions and de facto citizenship for illegal immigrants creates a magnet to attract more of them through the open southern border, who enter the country at will and then are allowed to freely roam.

Furthermore, it also ignores the elements that come with putting together a legitimate business, such as buying and maintaining a commercial kiosk for street transactions or paying rent for a brick-and-mortar establishment to keep piles of clothes and other goods from cluttering the streets.

As illegal immigrants continue to violate the nation’s border and in some cases are even bused to the Democratic states whose representatives and senators support the policies that bring them in, metropolitan areas such as New York City can expect to have continuing problems finding ways to accommodate and handle the waves of foreigners from third world countries that come into their communities and look for ways to survive.