Argentina Facing Abortion Referendum Under New Pro-Life President

Pro-abortion activists are outraged over the election of the next president of Argentina, Javier Milei, due to his strong opposition to the killing of unborn children at any stage of development.

Milei, a self-described “anarcho-capitalist,” won Argentina’s presidential election on November 19 in a landslide victory.

On the campaign trail, Milei vowed to hold a referendum to determine whether abortion would remain legal in Argentina if he was elected president.

Prior to running for president, Milei was an economist and popular television personality — where he spoke out against government spending and the elite ruling class. During an interview with Tucker Carlson last month, he spoke about his opposition to abortion — noting that “one of the most fundamental aspects” of true liberalism “is to defend the right to life” and the “unrestricted respect for the lives of others.”

Milei also noted that he is not just philosophically pro-life, as he argues a scientific justification for his views.

“It’s the fact that life begins at conception, it’s at that very instant that a new being begins to evolve with its own DNA,” he said, adding: “That makes abortion a murder, enabled and aggravated against a child that has no way to defend themselves.”

Abortion was legalized up to the 14th week of pregnancy in 2020 by Argentina’s Congress, along with exceptions after 14 weeks, including for the mother’s health — despite the fact that abortion is never medically necessary. In 2022, a staggering 96,664 abortions were committed in Argentina.

Milei spoke out against that decision, calling it “not clean.”

Pro-abortion activists in Argentina are outraged over Milei’s election, fearing that he will put an end to the killing of unborn children in the country.

“We are fighting against the presidential candidates who threaten the rights of women,” a 28-year-old pro-abortion activist claimed during a rally outside Argentina’s National Congress, according to far-left outlet The Guardian.

Another woman at the rally claimed: “We are here because we want to preserve the rights of women and abortion. We fought for a long time and are afraid this potential new president might cut our rights. We will not allow it.”