Arizona Teacher Placed On Leave Over Devil Costume

In a glaring example of how inferior America’s educational system is, a teacher was put on leave for wearing a Halloween costume resembling the devil and greeting students with “hail Satan.”

What used to be a time when children dressed up as their favorite superheroes for Halloween has now become a day when people dress up as anti-biblical figures.

A Mesa High School teacher was recently placed on leave after reportedly dressing up as Satan, according to sophomore Nathaniel Hamlet.

Hamlet recently said that he was perplexed to walk into class on Halloween and notice his teacher wearing devil horns and carrying a pitchfork, as reported by RedState.

Hamlet said that his teacher waved the pitchfork over students’ heads and greeted them with “hail Satan.”

“Some people thought it was funny, some people didn’t like it, some people were like ‘whatever,’ they just blew it off,” the sophomore said. “I said, ‘Don’t do that to me’ and I pushed [the pitchfork] away, maybe three or four times and he still said it and still did it.”

The teacher, who has remained anonymous up to his point, said he dressed as the devil because his colleague next door had come to class in an angel costume, so, the entire schtick was supposed to be about “dynamic duos.”

Hamlet’s father, Chris, was one of many parents who complained about the teacher’s inappropriate costume.

“I was livid because I am a Christian as well, obviously,” Chris said. “What really tipped it over for me is, he kept telling him no, and he and the teacher kept persisting.”

“If you’re gonna keep the Christian stuff out, then you got to keep the devil-worshipping stuff out,” he told administrators, adding that the teacher “should probably get fired.”

Some parents told local news reporters that Hamlet’s assessment of the situation is one they don’t agree with. They said that although the teacher’s actions were wrong, firing him would be an excessive punishment.

A spokesperson for Mesa High School released a statement following the matter.

“Mesa Public Schools administration was notified of the alleged incident at Mesa High School late Wednesday afternoon after school hours. Our Human Resources department began the investigation Thursday morning and placed the teacher on paid administrative leave pending the result of the investigation. The investigation remains ongoing,” the statement read.