Barkley Calls Out “Petty” WNBA Players For Treatment Of Rookie Star Caitlin Clark

Charles Barkley came out swinging in defense of WNBA rookie sensation Caitlin Clark on Wednesday’s edition of “Inside the NBA” calling out what he sees as “petty” treatment of the young star by some of her fellow players. Barkley’s comments followed a tweet from NBA icon LeBron James advising Clark to tune out the backlash and hate as her popularity soars.

“You women out there y’all petty man” Barkley declared to laughter from his TNT colleagues. “Hey LeBron you’re 100% right on these girls hating on Caitlin Clark – You’re all are petty girls. I expect men to be petty because we’re the most insecure group in the world. Y’all should be thinking that girl for getting y’all a— private charters. All the money in visibility that she bringing to the WNBA. Don’t be petty like dudes.”

Barkley’s impassioned rant comes amid growing criticism of Clark from some who attribute her skyrocketing popularity to her race and appearance rather than her on-court accomplishments. “The View” co-host Sunny Hostin recently suggested Clark benefits from “pretty privilege” while former ESPN host Jemele Hill told the Los Angeles Times that Clark’s success is “a little problematic” because of what it says about the marketability of other WNBA players.

However, Barkley dismissed such critiques as pettiness insisting that Clark deserves to be celebrated for her achievements. The number one draft pick has drawn massive crowds and sparked a nearly 250% jump in WNBA ticket prices prompting the league to grant charter flights to teams.

“Listen what she’s accomplished, give her her flowers” Barkley said. “Stop being petty all you women out there. She got y’all a** charters. She bringing all y’all this money to the table. But y’all being petty like dudes. Lebron you are 100% right. You all girls stop being petted. Caitlin Clark, thank you for bringing all that money and shine to the WNBA.”