Bass Takes Action To Address Violence On LA’s Metro System

Mayor Karen Bass has ordered an immediate increase in law enforcement presence on Los Angeles’ Metro buses and trains in response to a recent spike in violent crimes including stabbings. The move comes as concerns grow about the safety of commuters and the potential impact on ridership goals.

“Yesterday as chair of the board of Metro I directed an immediate surge of law enforcement personnel on Metro buses and rail cars and stations,” Bass said during a news conference. She plans to follow up with a motion at the next board meeting to formalize the deployment and establish a unified command among the various policing agencies.

The motion will also require functional cell service in all underground Metro stations to ensure passengers can quickly call for help if needed. Bass emphasized that the top priority is for Angelenos to feel safe while using the transit system.

The recent violent incidents include the fatal stabbing of a woman on a train last month and a series of attacks this week that left three people stabbed and another struck in the chest during a robbery. These high-profile crimes have heightened fears among commuters.

Bass expressed concern that the perception of unsafe conditions could derail the goal of exceeding 1.2 million weekday riders. However, some advocacy groups argue that increased policing is not the answer and point to the billions already spent on law enforcement contracts without achieving a safe and enjoyable system.