Best Buy Whistleblower Fired After Exposing Store’s Anti-Christian Bias

A former employee of Best Buy, who was fired after exposing the company’s anti-Christian agenda, is now answering back with a lawsuit.

“BREAKING: Best Buy has fired the whistleblower Enis Sujak @CocoWarfare who went public after exposing a manager’s ban on Christian symbols at the workplace,” James O’Keefe, CEO of O’Keefe Media Group (OMG), announced in a recent post on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Enis will go on offense and bring civil rights lawsuits against Best Buy for violating the law!” O’Keefe added, BizPacReview reported.

The development comes after Enis Sujak, the former Best Buy employee, leaked footage he recorded of his manager, Mike Hirsch, who argued that employees promoting LGBT ideology is fine, but promoting Christianity is not.

According to OMG, Sujak’s conversation revolved around an incident that occurred recently “when another employee, Athena Cruz, a well-being ambassador, was giving a history on the LGBTQ community in the workspace.”

“Enis Sujak decided to walk out of the session, having later stated that he doesn’t care about ‘who you sleep with’ and that he didn’t think that a lifestyle that needed to ‘preached’ to them in a work environment,” OMG reported.

After walking out of the session, Sujak reportedly confronted his manager about the issue, asking him, “Why don’t we have Christian stuff all over?” referencing the fact that the LGBT community is promoted all around the store.

“They’re not the same,” Hirsch replied, arguing that believing in Christianity is a choice while being part of the LGBT community isn’t.

“You are choosing to believe in Christianity or Muslim or whatever. You choose that,” Hirsch added.

Sujak later revealed the details of his conversation with Hirsch, telling OMG that it lasted over an hour, with Hirsch telling him how “appropriate” it is for Best Buy to promote the LGBT ideology.

“He and I had a very long conversation. It was like an hour, 30 minutes of him and I just going back and forth, with him telling me it was work appropriate to have all this LGBTQ stuff that’s going on in the office and everywhere else, but it’s not OK for me to be a Christian my self and have a Bible right over there or have a cross or a Quran or anything like that,” he said.

“That’s not work appropriate, but having that LGBT pride flag everywhere else — that is appropriate, and I’m not standing for it,” Sujak added.