Biden Admin To Spend Over $3.5 Billion To Improve Electric Grid

The Biden Administration has announced plans to spend even more American tax dollars on various projects across the U.S. in an effort to bolster the nation’s vulnerable electrical grid on the heels of a slew of large-scale natural disasters.

The Admin is projecting costs starting at $3.5 billion spanning 58 different projects. The electric grid has been strained ever since the wildfires in California and Maui that DAMAGED HOW MUCH.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said, “The grid, as it currently sits, is not equipped to handle all the new demand” while having to endure both natural disasters and extreme weather, pointing the finger of blame at climate change.

Granholm added, “We need it to be bigger, we need it to be stronger, we need it to be smarter.”

The Biden Admin is shooting for the stars as it aims to reach 100% clean energy in the U.S. by 2035 — a goal critics say is impossible and dangerous.

This investment in the electric grid will be the largest ever from the federal government. Funding will be spent under the Grid Resilience and Innovation Partnerships (GRIP) program, which is pushing for green energy resources such as solar and wind energy.

Still, many Americans and policymakers continue to argue that this isn’t the best way forward for our nation’s energy grid, or its bottom line.

Some $249 million will be dished out to improve the energy grid in rural regions of Louisiana and Georgia. Another $250 million is going to a Native American tribe in Oregon. PacifiCorp will use $150 million of the funding to strengthen the grid in western states like California, Utah and Oregon.

But the biggest chunk of taxpayer monies — $464 million — will be invested in seven Midwestern states: Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Hawaii is also slated to receive $95 million in funds to assist the state in bouncing back from the horrific wildfires that demolished much of Maui in Aug. 2023.