Biden Ancestor Was Pardoned By Abraham Lincoln

In an interesting revelation, it was recently reported that President Joe Biden’s great-great-grandfather was pardoned by former President Abraham Lincoln after he stabbed his fellow army officer upon hearing him gossiping to a female cook.

As it turns out, the Biden family has a long history of criminality. With the president being investigated for receiving bribes from the corrupt Ukrainian government, Burisma, reports show that one of his relatives brutally beat a fellow army officer after hearing him gossip to a female cook.

The Washington Post recently reported that [o]n the evening of March 21, 1864, the quiet of a small corner of the Army of the Potomac’s sprawling winter camp along the Rappahannock River near Beverly Ford, Va., was disturbed when a fight broke out in one of the mess tents between Union Army civilian employees Moses J. Robinette and John J. Alexander.”

Robinette is the president’s great-great-grandfather, according to The National Pulse.
The Washington Post pointed out that amid arguments, Robinette reached for his pocketknife and stabbed Alexander shortly before he was arrested and charged with attempted murder.

“Tempers flared, expletives followed, and Robinette drew his pocketknife. A brief scuttle left Alexader bleeding from several cuts before camp watchmen arrived to arrest Robinette,” the outlet wrote.

Robinette was later found guilty of his actions and banished to the “American Siberia” of Fort Jefferson near Key West, Florida.

Despite his brutality, Biden’s great-great-grandfather expressed no regrets.

“[W]hatever I have done was done in self defence, that I had no malice towards Mr. Alexander before or since. He grabbed me and possibly might have injured me seriously had I not resorted to the means that I did,” Robinette reportedly said.

Shortly after his banishment, Robinette began speaking to political operatives and lawmakers, urging that he be granted a presidential pardon, which he received by then-President Abraham Lincoln on Sept. 1, 1864.

In the early 1860s, the U.S. Army Quartermaster’s Department hired Robinette as a civilian veterinary surgeon. Biden’s great-great-grandfather was later assigned to the Potomac Army’s reserve artillery, where he was required to care for the horses and mules that pulled the wagons carrying ammunition, according to the Washington Post.