Biden DHS Plans ‘Mass Release’ Of Illegals As Extortion

Democrat Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is threatening to release hordes of illegal migrants into American communities. The aliens are currently held in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody.

The new report by the Washington Post cited the White House’s claim that it needed billions from Congress to keep the illegals in custody. Extortion as a matter of policy is alive and well.

The plan came in response to the rejection of the Senate border bill that would have institutionalized thousands of illegal migrants pouring across the border every day.

The administration’s controversial border policies resulted in staggering numbers crossing into the country. January shattered the previous record with over 300,000 migrant encounters, and some are being held by ICE.

That could change if the new scheme is allowed to proceed.

According to the Post, ICE officials formulated plans to release thousands of illegal immigrants from custody. The agency would further shrink its capacity to keep detainees in response to the border bill’s failure.

The outlet cited four sources with ICE and DHS.

The Biden agency is reportedly studying ways to cut costs, and one of the prominent avenues is through the mass release of detainees in custody. Other savings would come through deportations, though this administration has not had the stomach to consistently carry through with such policies.

Some critics charge that ICE is not a responsible steward of the funds allocated by Congress. RJ Hauman of the National Immigration Center for Enforcement noted the Biden agency received more funds that were ever requested from the legislature.

Hauman asked “what is ICE spending money on that created this volitional budget gap?”

Whatever it is, the plan is to eradicate the need to house illegal migrants by releasing them into the nation’s interior. That this is an obvious national security concern is apparently lost on the Biden administration, which is throwing a collective hissy fit over the collapse of the Senate border bill.

Holding public safety hostage for billions more from Congress, however, is a new low even for this Democratic White House.