Biden Finally Discovered Wisdom Of Trump’s Border Wall

It took millions of illegals pouring across the border and an uproar from besieged Democratic cities for President Joe Biden to acknowledge the truth. Former President Donald Trump was right.

And he deserves an apology.

Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary, surprised many when he confessed there is an “acute and immediate need” to build a Texas border wall. He also announced the waiving of several federal laws to fastrack this new plan.

Trump, of course, was blasted as a racist for the very same idea.

Biden wasted no time after assuming the presidency in abandoning his predecessor’s effective immigration policies. In fact, he vowed there would “not be another foot of wall constructed [in] my administration.”

The new president claimed that Trump’s 560 miles of border wall construction was “not a serious policy solution.”

Further, Biden slammed Trump’s efforts as an example of “misplaced priorities.” He said the Republican utterly failed to control illegal migration through a “safe, orderly and humane” process.

This new action begs the question of what exactly was the tipping point?

Democrats did not care about the crisis foisted upon Texas and other border states until it spilled into their so-called “sanctuary” cities. They did not bat an eyelash at millions of unvetted military age men crossing unimpeded into the U.S. and being set loose in the interior.

Now Trump is taking well-deserved jabs at his successor, criticizing the Biden administration for “taking so long to get moving.” He noted that the administration broke “every environmental law in the book to prove that I was right.”

A staggering total of 26 federal laws must be waived for the new wall sections to be constructed.

The 2024 Republican presidential frontrunner added that he expects an apology from the Oval Office. Not that he will receive one, just that one is due. “Will Joe Biden apologize to me and America?”

According to Fox News, DHS placed an announcement on the U.S. Federal Register that construction will begin in Starr County in the Rio Grande Valley Sector.

The White House described a situation with “high illegal entry.” There have been over 245,000 illegal encounters reported in that sector this fiscal year.