Biden Makes False Statement About Visiting Ground Zero

For more than two decades, the sitting president made an appearance at one of the 9/11 sites for each anniversary of the terrorist attacks. This year, however, President Joe Biden broke that tradition and opted to visit Alaska instead.

Although he did make remarks on Monday acknowledging the tragedy that occurred 22 years earlier, they only opened him up to additional criticism.

He began with an ill-advised joke about his days as a high school athlete, which drew significant backlash on social media.

From there, Biden shifted into a tale about his appearance at the scene of the World Trade Center collapse just one day after hijacked planes took down the buildings. Even mainstream media outlets labeled the claim false, citing overwhelming evidence that he was in D.C. on Sept. 12, 2001.

“And I remember standing there the next day and looking at the building,” he claimed. “I felt like I was looking through the gates of hell. It looked so devastated.”

The White House later noted that Biden actually arrived in New York City as part of a Senate delegation well over a week after the attacks, but there was no official apology or retraction for the president’s provably false claim.

Of course, if this had been an isolated incident, Biden might have been granted the benefit of the doubt by many Americans assuming that he had either misspoken or forgotten how long it was after 9/11 that he visited the site.

As CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale noted, however, misrepresenting his own past has become a hallmark of Biden’s presidency. Within the span of just one speech he delivered last month, for example, he made three false claims.

He said he witnessed a bridge collapse last year despite arriving at the scene hours later, falsely claimed that his grandfather died days before he was born at the same hospital, and repeated a lie about a conversation with an Amtrak conductor who was already dead at the time the discussion allegedly occurred.

These three debunked claims all came in one speech and only add to a long list of dishonesty dating back at least to an admission of plagiarism 55 years ago.