Biden Protecting Bloated Federal Workforce From Potential Trump Axe

Reality is sinking in to Democrats that former President Donald Trump will be the 2024 Republican presidential nominee. That is, unless their endless procession of indictments inspire blue states to attempt to keep the people’s choice off their ballots.

With this in mind, President Joe Biden is trying to Trump-proof the bloated federal bureaucracy. He knows well that the GOP frontrunner intends to trim career federal workers from the taxpayer’s rolls.

During his presidency, Trump issued an executive order making it simpler to fire employees who previously held onto permanent positions. Now Biden is scheming to head off another shot at curbing government growth.

Polls show either a virtual tie or Trump with a slight lead, so the Democratic fear is at least understandable.

The administration filed a document with the Federal Register Friday morning. Specifically, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) moved to protect their own by proposing a rule that would shield most career civil servants from being fired without cause.

If enacted, this would thwart not only housecleaning by Trump but other Republican hopefuls who made similar pledges.

Employees could not lose their civil service protections under the Democratic proposal unless they voluntarily surrendered them.

It is beyond question that the election of Trump or virtually any other GOP candidate next year would result in a cleansing of the deep state. So many unelected workers hold down powerful positions for decades that give them far too much power in Washington.

Now they are desperately clinging to that power with the help of their Democratic allies.

The Associated Press estimated that a victory by Trump or “a Trump-like figure” could erase as many as 50,000 federal positions.

Soon after Biden was sworn in, he revoked Trump’s “Schedule F” executive order. This made it easier to terminate tens of thousands of executive branch employees by making them the equivalent of at-will workers.

Conservatives credited this move with enabling the uprooting of at least part of the entrenched deep state. Trump’s OPM head, Russ Vought, declared that the agency’s Friday announcement only confirms the sound legal footing on which Schedule F is based.

Vought added that the only way the Biden administration was going to prevent its success “is to install procedural roadblocks.” But, as Biden proved, what is done may be undone with a Republican back in the White House.