Biden Redirecting Border Wall Funds For Climate-Friendly Land Ports

In a move demonstrating the federal government’s unwillingness to tackle illegal immigration, the Biden administration recently began spending over $1 billion to make land ports across the U.S. “climate-friendly, removing such funds from going toward constructing the southern border wall despite illegal immigration consistently reaching record highs.

The Daily Caller reported that the General Services Administration (GSA) — a federal agency responsible for managing federal buildings and real estate — is set to spend more than $1 billion on multiple projects to ensure that land ports across the country are more “green.”

“By incorporating clean construction materials and clean energy technologies into these projects, we’re not only supporting bringing these border stations into the 21st century — we’re also supporting the clean energy industries that will lead our economy in the future,” GSA Administrator Robin Carnahan said, referring to funding.

“These critical investments from the President’s Investing in America Agenda help strengthen security while creating good-paying jobs, reducing harmful emissions and boosting domestic manufacturing,” Carnahan added.

The funds will be directed toward 38 projects dealing with land ports of entry across America to reduce carbon emissions by investing in paving, building and facility electrification as well as electric vehicle (EV) chargers, among other measures. Among the land ports are ones located near the north and southern border.

The prioritization of the climate over combating illegal immigration comes as President Joe Biden has presided over the worst southern border crisis in decades.

In 2023, a whopping number of illegal immigrants entered the U.S. Such a figure could fill Yankee Stadium in New York nearly 20 times.

The Bien administration is also in a legal battle against Texas over the southern border. Officials in the Lone Star State have blasted the president and his cabinet for the unprecedented crisis and have argued they hold jurisdiction over what happens at the border.

Texas is actively pushing to prevent the Biden administration from redirecting $1.4 billion of border wall funds to separate causes and programs.

“Biden acted completely improperly by refusing to spend the money that Congress appropriated for border wall construction, and even attempting to redirect those funds,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said.