Biden’s Incompetence On Full Display Amid Hostage Situation In Gaza

In what would be the greatest geo-political failure since the leaving behind of 13 American soldiers in Afghanistan and the Iran-Contra affair under former President Jimmy Carter, the Biden administration’s efforts to rescue hostages in Gaza could hit several roadblocks.

Israel and Hamas, a terrorist organization, are currently at war after Hamas launched an invasion into the Holy Land on Oct. 7, 2023. Following the terrorist organization’s vile actions, thousands of Israelis have been mercilessly murdered alongside more than 30 Americans.

Over 150 Americans are currently held in captivity by Hamas and given President Joe Biden’s poor timing, the situation may remain that way considering that Israel’s Defense Force (IDF) is set to launch a ground invasion into Gaza, dramatically reducing the U.S.’ chances of carrying out a successful hostage-rescuing operation.

Recently, two American hostages, a mother and daughter, were released in Gaza by Hamas but hundreds remain still await their fate.

The Washington Post recently reported that the race to save the hostages “is challenged by a host of factors, according to diplomats, officials working on the hostage process and other people familiar with the matter, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a fragile and anxious process.”

The Biden administration, which never fails to impress with the level of its incompetence, isn’t even sure how many hostages are currently held by Hamas, considering that 10 Americans remain unaccounted for, meaning they could have been killed already but have yet to be identified.

“Israel has not yet identified the remains of all the people killed in the initial Hamas assault,” the Washington Post pointed out.
If the Biden administration doesn’t speed up its pace, it’s unlikely the American hostages will be saved.

If such a scenario does happen where, because of Biden’s weakness and incompetence, the hostages aren’t rescued, one can only assume the torture they will have to endure at the hands of barbarians.

The Washington Post noted that the Biden administration is concerned “that once Israel invades, talks will collapse and consideration of the hostages will fall by the wayside.”
Amid talks of the IDF’s potential ground invasion into Gaza and the hostage situation, Biden recently told reporters that the Holy Land should delay such an invasion.

Biden’s comments come as he departs for another vacation in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Instead of addressing the safety and rescue of American hostages in Israel, the president chooses to travel to the beach.