Burger King Facing Boycott For Yanking Ads From Rumble

U.S. fast food giant Burger King is in danger of getting the Bud Light treatment over its pulling of advertising from video streaming platform Rumble. This resulted from the platform’s refusal to buckle to calls to demonetize embattled comedian and podcaster Russell Brand.

Brand, who took a conservative turn along with aging and having a family, is now accused of misdeeds that allegedly occurred more than a decade ago. Multiple women came forward with allegations, though as of yet there has been no proof presented.

This inconvenient truth did not stop YouTube from demonetizing Brand’s channel over the controversy.

Pressured to follow suit with its rival, Rumble instead doubled down on freedom of speech. It declared that Brand has not been convicted of anything and it will not bend the knee to the cancel mob.

But that led to Burger King and other companies pulling their advertising from Rumble.

What followed was several conservative commentators calling for a boycott of the apparently woke fast food chain.

Among them is Charlie Kirk, who noted the company wanted Rumble “to play judge, jury and executioner of Russell Brand after the UK Governor demanded the platform demonetize him.”

Dan Bongino mocked Burger King for its slogan, “Have it your way.” Their way, he observed, is “wokeism, censorship and cancel culture.”

The Quartering noted that Burger King “hates free speech” and that it would be simple to “never eat there again.” All three called for a boycott of the company.

To be clear, the allegations against Brand are serious, and with a shred of proof they should be taken seriously. But so far they are mere words, drummed up against a man who became a powerful mouthpiece against the establishment.

It is also important to remember that he categorically denied that any of the incidents took place.

These are alleged to have occurred many years ago, yet for some reason they never found the light of day until he matured and began questioning the leftist status quo. With this in mind, he deserves the benefit of the doubt and to have his day in court — if that even comes.

Until then, the Burger Kings of the world would be better off not using their influence to suppress free speech.