Burning Man Under Fire From Liberal Activists

Community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance are the hallmarks of many liberal viewpoints. From Mother Earth News to local grassroots organizations, freedom of expression is one of the speaking points to many liberal platforms. Burning Man is a celebration of all things liberal, yet the roadways into the festival were blocked, by the very people they celebrate.

Climate activists from the group Seven Circles chose the highway leading to the festival as the spot to block. Six members of Seven Circles sat on the roadway blocking traffic for miles. Another interesting twist to this liberal-on-liberal protest dealt with the reason for the protest. Seven Circles is linked to the support of spirituality and lifestyle, primarily with the Native American tribes throughout the United States and Canada.

According to a recent article by Nick Arma with Red State, climate control and spirituality were not the reasons for the highway protests. The true reason for the protest was capitalism and Burning Man’s leadership not taking a stronger political stance on specific topics.

The co-founder of Rave Revolution, Thomas Dicano stated,

‘History shows that capitalism cannot be reformed. It cannot be changed from the ‘inside’. Are we really ready to sacrifice everything for an outdated, unequal economic system? The time to evolve has come.

Among its demands are that Burning Man leadership “advocate for system change on both political and economic levels” and ban private jets, single-use plastics, “unnecessary propane burning and unlimited generator use” at the nine-day event.’

The irony of these demands and the protest as a whole was the outcome. In an effort to have Burning Man leadership take a stronger stance on the propane and generator use, they caused ongoing emissions that lasted for hours during the backup. A backup that went on for miles. These emissions are known to cause the very thing that climate activists stand against and want reformed.

The incident was handled by the Tribal Rangers who handled the incident quickly. The Tribal Rangers did not try to talk the activists down or move them by traditional means. Some of the activists had chained themselves to road barriers there for the Burning Man event. Tribal Rangers rammed several of the barriers letting the protestors know they needed to move immediately. Some of the stronger-willed activists were later taken down and handcuffed at gunpoint. No injuries were reported for the Tribal Rangers or the activists.

These protests have happened before and will again, but Tribal Rangers handled this one within their means and abilities.