Canadians Erupt In Protest Over Trudeau’s Carbon Tax

Canadians took to the streets Monday to voice their sharp displeasure with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax scheme. The gatherings appeared quite similar to the Freedom Convoy of two years ago that paralyzed the nation’s capital protesting draconian COVID-19 measures.

Citizens demonstrated against the carbon tax and price increases that will inevitably accompany the move. Everything from gas and home heating fuel to food and other essential items will rise in cost, affecting the lives of every citizen.

Trudeau dug in and ignored the advice of seven of the nation’s 10 premiers and nearly 70% of the country on Monday. The radical leftist hiked the carbon tax by a full 23%.

Canadian citizens are now burdened with Trudeau’s third installment of the hated carbon tax. British Columbia residents are forced to pay over $2 per liter for gasoline.

Conservative Party opposition leader Pierre Poilievre rallied the public in Ottawa recently with an “Axe the Tax” event. The appreciative audience roared its approval when he called on the Trudeau government to reject the hike on April 1.

The pleas fell on deaf ears, and the latest increase is now in effect. This brought protesters out into the streets in front of Parliament Hill to loudly demand that the action be reversed.

Horns sounded on major thoroughfares as traffic slowed to a crawl in the protest. Critics charged that the issue is more than just money, but involves basic freedoms that should be enjoyed by every Canadian.

Veteran Gary Lambert of Innisfail told the National Post, “I’m here because our country is falling apart and our government has been running us into the ground and it just needs to stop.”

The coast-to-coast event was organized by a group called “Nationwide Protest Against Carbon Tax.” An estimated 15 locations hosted angry citizens demanding an end to Trudeau’s left-wing policies.

Canada saw many versions of protest banners unfurled against the liberal government. Some were profane rebukes of the prime minister, while others referred directly to the controversial carbon tax or the widespread demonstrations of two years ago.

One sign read, “Who’s the fringe minority now?” This recalled Trudeau’s description of protesters in 2022 angry over his government’s sweeping pandemic restrictions.