Carnival Cruise Ship Rescues 25 Stranded Boaters Off Mexican Coast

A Carnival Cruise Line ship, the Carnival Radiance, responded to a distress call from the U.S. Coast Guard on Saturday, rescuing 25 individuals, including three children, who were stranded on a small boat off the coast of Ensenada, Mexico. The ship was originally sailing from its homeport in Long Beach, California, when it diverted its course to assist the boaters in need.

The Coast Guard had reported the boat overdue on Thursday and had made several unsuccessful attempts to locate the vessel and save those on board during the first 24 hours. An Air Force C-130 eventually located the missing boat and notified the Coast Guard, which issued the call for immediate assistance.

When the ship reached the stranded boaters, the Carnival Radiance crew welcomed all 25 people aboard, providing them with food, water, and medical assistance. The cruise line coordinated with Coast Guard officials to arrange a rendezvous for the rescued individuals.

The ship reportedly remains on schedule to continue on with the three-day cruise originally planned for; so there wasn’t a lot of cost for the ship to make a heroic and life-saving detour.