China Opening ‘Fever Clinics’ To Battle Respiratory Illness Outbreak

If it seems like a familiar refrain, that’s because it is. Chinese authorities on Sunday frantically called for local authorities to open new “fever clinics” to deal with a dramatic surge in respiratory illness.

The issue surged to the forefront last week when the World Health Organization (WHO) implored the communist nation to provide more information on the outbreak. The body noted multiple reports of clusters of undiagnosed pneumonia in young people.

WHO officials questioned the transparency of Beijing officials when the COVID-19 pandemic emerged from Wuhan in late 2019. There are obvious echoes in this new outbreak.

However, international health officials on Friday said that there were no new or unusual pathogens present in the current crop of illnesses.

The U.N. health agency requested that Chinese officials provide data on trends involving known pathogens. Experts contacted scientists and medical professionals to track the increased burden that the current surge in illnesses placed on health systems.

China apparently responded to the WHO request within the mandated 24 hours. Data revealed suspected links to the easing of the nation’s draconian COVID-19 restrictions and bacterial infections spreading through increased social contract.

Then on Sunday, Chinese National Health Commission spokesperson Mi Feng reported the spikein illnesses was the result of the spread of several known pathogens, particularly influenza.

Mi said the country must “increase the number of relevant clinics and treatment areas, appropriately extend hours and strengthen guarantees of drug supplies.” She called on authorities to practice “epidemic prevention and control.”

Hospitals caution that those seeking treatment face long waits. Cases involving young people soared in recent weeks, especially in northern parts of the country including Beijing.

China’s State Council, its equivalent of the cabinet, issued a double warning on Friday. Officials anticipate influenza peaking over the winter and spring months along with pneumonia infections increasing.

Authorities also cautioned against a spike in COVID-19 infections. Exactly the words that no one wants to hear.

China by all accounts did a terrible job of handling the coronavirus outbreak in 2019 and early 2020. The communist regime appears intent on not repeating those mistakes this time around, though the current outbreak of respiratory illness bears close watching.