China Using Social Chaos, Drugs To Defeat US

A comprehensive new book laid bare the secret strategy deployed by Beijing’s communists to overrun the democratic West, in particular the United States. And its conspirators believe it can be accomplished without firing a single shot.

The work is “Blood Money: Why the Powerful Turn a Blind Eye While China Kills Americans.” It is the result of scholarship by Breitbart News Senior Contributor Peter Schweizer.

The author exposed how China is working through social chaos, flooding the U.S. with deadly drugs and other strategies to uproot society. This is based on a relatively unknown concept called “disintegration warfare,” championed by ancient general Sun Tzu.

According to National Defense University Press, disintegration warfare utilizes “politics, economy, culture, psychology, military threats, conspiracy, media propaganda, law, information and intelligence.”

The philosophy, clearly put into action by Beijing, centers on subjugating an enemy through deception and disruption without firing a single shot.

Based on a 2010 book outlining the subversive strategy, Chinese military officials believe they can target the U.S. through its “soft underbelly.” Leaders use such terms as “unrestricted warfare” to describe the policy of undermining the social fabric of the nation.

Schweizer’s writing noted the hundreds of thousands of U.S. deaths in recent years attributable to Chinese policy.

The total in the last five years, the president of the Government Accountability Institute wrote, is more than the victims of any war in the last half century.

And the total is growing by hundreds every day.

Schweizer revealed that in the 1990s, a pair of senior Chinese military officials concluded that it was impossible for Beijing to match the U.S. on the battlefield. Armed with this assumption, they then suggested a “series of nonmilitary weapons” be deployed.

He wrote, “It is a complex strategy, a hydra of drugs, disease, propaganda and illicit pistol parts, each contributing to social chaos and killing Americans.”

The Chinese are all too familiar with the role drugs can play in destabilizing a nation. The country endured the Opium Wars in the 19th century, and now its revenge can be found in the deadly scourge of fentanyl.

It is no secret that the communist nation is the supplier of necessary raw materials for Mexican drug cartels to formulate the final destructive product. Schweizer argues it is not an accident or simply a matter of economic opportunity.

Rather, it is part of an official program to sow the seeds of discord in the U.S. through non-military means. And, as anyone can plainly see, it is alarmingly successful.