Chinese Military Equipment Uncovered In Ukraine

China is allegedly sending advanced drones to a mercenary group with close ties to Russia, which are likely to soon enter the battlefield in Ukraine. According to Western defense officials, this wouldn’t be the first time that Chinese equipment has aided Moscow since the war began last year.

The Chinese equipment could provide a major help for Russia’s current prosecution of the war in Ukraine.

According to initial media reports, China transferred 2,500 drones to the Wagner Group, a paramilitary organization with close ties to Moscow.

The appearance of the Chinese drones was reported in the British press. This also is not the first report that Chinese drones are being used on the current battlefield.

The drones could be used for a number of purposes, including potential drone swarming. The Wagner Group allegedly is researching how to use drones to overwhelm Ukrainian defenses and transmit back surveillance information.

The news comes as China is weighing whether or not to send lethal aid to Russia. So far, the communist regime has not publicly announced sending such weaponry to their ally in Moscow. A Chinese diplomat arrived in Russia Monday for further consultations.

China is growing increasingly imperious to American demands. Secretary of State Antony Blinken reported this week that he did not receive an apology for Beijing’s spy balloon in a meeting with his Chinese counterpart.

Furthermore, Congress received a briefing stating that Russia will likely seek military aid from China. Moscow requested military and economic aid from Beijing during the early stages of the Russo-Ukrainian War.

While China has not yet committed to sending weapons to aid Russia’s war effort, it is likely that Beijing has already played a major role during that conflict. Customs data indicate that China has been supplying Russia with a number of crucial elements necessary to continue the war.

According to data reported by the Wall Street Journal, Russia received a number of major elements, including parts for fighter jets, navigational systems, and antennas. The Chinese exports are a key means for Moscow to continue the war in Ukraine following significant sanctions from Western nations.