College Lacrosse Coach Demoted For Stance On Transgender Athletes

Kim Russell, the head coach of Oberlin College’s women’s lacrosse team, has been facing persecution at her school after expressing opposition to allowing men to compete in women’s sports — which included being forced to undergo something akin to a “Maoist struggle session.”

During a recent interview, the 56-year-old coach explained that the environment at the far-left Ohio private school has become so hostile that she is uncomfortable showing up at work.

“I have not gone into the office Monday or Tuesday, so my guess is they will be firing me shortly,” said Russell, who took time off starting October 6 and has still not returned to work.

The issue began after Russell made a post on her personal social media account about transgender athletes in women’s sports.

In March 2022, Russell reposted an Instagram story congratulating Emma Weyant as “the real woman winner of the 500 freestyle” at an NCAA swimming championship after Weyant came in second place to Will “Lia” Thomas — a man masquerading as a woman. Russell shared the post with her own comment, which read: “What do you believe? I can’t be quiet on this…I’ve spent my life playing sports, starting & coaching sports programs for girls & women.”

One of the students that Russell coaches saw the post and reported her to the school — which ultimately led to her being demoted, targeted and forced to endure public shaming from her own players and colleagues.

Russell secretly recorded the public shaming, as well as several disciplinary hearings she was forced to attend — and later made it all public with the help of the Independent Women’s Forum.

In the recordings, one player can be heard targeting Russell for her race — telling her that she can’t just work to advance “White feminism.” Others can be heard claiming that Russell’s personal beliefs had an unacceptable “impact” on Oberlin College — which they said has a high “LGBTQ+ population.”

Russell recalled feeling “burned at the stake” during the public shaming — noting that she felt personally attacked “by these kids that I love.”

After Russell made her treatment at the college public, Oberlin faced a public outcry over the actions of its students and staff. Amid the backlash, the school administration removed Russell from her head coach position — demoting her to “employee wellness project manager.”

Oberlin College’s media relations department claims that Russell was demoted for making secret recordings of her students and colleagues, not for her personal views — issuing a statement claiming that her demotion was the result of “her breach of trust rather than any views she has expressed.” However, Russell insists that the punishments she faced happened before she released the recordings.

“I’m at a loss anymore for what they’re doing,” Russell said in a recent interview, referring to Oberlin College. “I’m not transphobic or transgressive or unsafe. This is about protecting women’s rights. This is about protecting women’s private spaces. I really don’t understand where the Me-Too movement is, what happened to it?”