Connecticut Gov. Lamont: Biden Rejected Border Assistance, Blamed Congress

Biden’s border crisis is so dire that even Democrats are coming forward to tell their horror stories. Democratic Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont recounted offering to assist the president with getting control of the turmoil — only to be flatly rejected.

On CNBC’s Friday “Squawk Box,” Lamont told how he proposed providing the Connecticut Guard to assist in stemming the flow of illegal migrants from Mexico.

Host Andrew Ross Sorkin segued into discussing immigration by noting that Connecticut might need housing for immigrants. He correctly noted that blue state governors for years did not consider border security to be their problem, but it is now.

Lamont responded, “I see what it’s doing to the country. They’ve got to secure the border. I tell President Biden, we’ll send the Connecticut Guard down to help you if that’s what you need to get it done.”

The president’s only response, the governor strongly suggested, was to offer excuses as to why he could not close the border.

Biden told Lamont, “We’re trying to get this bipartisan compromise. You know Congress. Things take a long time. They’ve got to get it done.” In other words, no action is forthcoming to gain control of the border until Democrats enshrine the current invasion into permanent status.

As for Lamont, the issue increasingly hits home. His state’s Department of Social Services said it has taken in approximately 500 Haitians and Cubans just within the last year.

The governor said Sunday that he and Republican Gov. Phil Scott of Vermont wrote a joint letter to the White House urging action on the illegal migrant crisis.

Lamont noted that Connecticut and Vermont are “two states that you don’t think are on the frontlines of immigration, it’s hitting us.”

As a Democrat, Lamont said Friday that the two parties need to come together on an immigration bill. The current “bipartisan” scheme is strongly opposed by several Republicans, including 2024 frontrunner and former President Donald Trump.

Lamont dodged the direct question of his position on Biden seeking a second term in the White House. He instead diverted to addressing infrastructure needs in Connecticut.