Construction Workers Cheer For Trump On His Way To NYC Courthouse

On Thursday, former president and presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump made a quick stop at a construction site on his way to a Manhattan courthouse to attend his so-called “hush money” trial.

While Trump wanted to attend Thursday’s oral arguments in his Supreme Court case on presidential immunity, he was forced by anti-Trump Judge Juan Merchan to miss the important hearing to attend the “hush money” trial. Earlier this month, Merchan ordered Trump to be in court for every single day of the trial — claiming that this outrageous, unprecedented trial is just as important as a Supreme Court hearing that could determine the fate of future presidents, as the high court will be deciding whether a president can face criminal prosecutions for official acts without first being impeached and convicted.

Ahead of the trial, Trump decided to stop and speak with a group of construction workers on site — where he was met with chants of “We love Trump!” and “USA!”

Trump did not give a formal speech while he visited the construction site, instead choosing to personally speak with the workers and his supporters at the site.

“I did nothing wrong. It’s a political witch hunt. It’s election interference, that’s all it is,” he was heard saying, referring to the trial conveniently timed to coincide with Trump’s 2024 campaign, where notoriously soft-on-crime Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has elevated misdemeanors to felonies based on an “underlying crime” that he has refused to identify.

Trump also spoke about the Supreme Court presidential immunity hearing that he was forced to miss.

“We have a big case today. The president has to have immunity. If you don’t have immunity, you just have a ceremonial president,” he said, pointing out the fact that presidents would be paralyzed with indecision if they were able to face criminal prosecution for official acts that a prosecutor from the opposing political party disagrees with.

The presumptive GOP nominee has been forced to stay in New York throughout this “hush money” trial in order to adhere to Merchan’s decree, which has severely hampered his ability to campaign in the upcoming November election against President Joe Biden. The judge has also indicated that he may not allow Trump to take a day off of court to attend the high school graduation of his son, Barron Trump, in Florida next month.

Trump has since limited his campaign to smaller events within New York City, including his short visit to the Manhattan construction site. Many Trump supporters have been surprised with the warm welcome the former president has had at many locations in New York City, with some speculating that Biden’s poor leadership and Trump’s political persecutions have potentially increased his support in the deep-blue city.