Court Rules Parents Have No Rights In Education

Montgomery County Maryland has found itself back in the news. A group of parents within the county recently objected to a choice made by the school board. Previous to 2023, an opt out was available for parents who did not want their students learning LGBTQ related lessons. This opt out was changed in March. The change effectively meant that LGBTQ lessons would be taught to all students regardless of parental disapproval.

Though the parents group is seeking a reversal of the decision, there are other issues at play. It appears that any parent wishing to have rights in their children’s education are now facing inflammatory comments and attacks. One such attack came from a former public school teacher and current Montgomery County Council member Kristin Mink. Mink stated the following at a recent rally held in June.

‘This issue has unfortunately put some, not all, of course, some Muslim families on the same side of an issue as white supremacists and outright bigots.’

Mink later walked back this statement and made a public apology. Her apology stated she was trying to be inclusive and apologized for her words that hurt Muslim parents.

This statement is not the only attack on parents disagreeing with the current LGBTQ lessons. This backlash to parents disagreeing with new LGBTQ lessons as well as other lesson changes has been seen throughout the United States. Protests against lessons including drag queen performances in school libraries and discussions with minor children regarding gender as well as pronouns and preferences have been popping up in states such as California.

The ruling in Montgomery County has caused a slippery slope for laws concerning education and parental rights. Eric Baxter is the lawyer representing the protesting parents in Montgomery County. Baxter responded to the ruling with the following statement.

‘Today, the district court decided parents have no right to notice when extreme ideology is pushed on their elementary-age children during story hour.’

The LGBTQ lessons no longer include only books in the school libraries and questionable reading time hosts. There are now lessons regarding LGBTQ and gender within elementary classrooms. Children are also being encouraged to discuss their gender choice, something that minor children should not be exposed to according to conservative parents.

Baxter stated that they will be appealing the ruling and pushing forward with parental rights to their children’s education and the right to actually parent their own children.