Defeated Leftists Appeal Trump Ballot Decisions In Michigan, Colorado

Leftist radicals fear they have a losing presidential ticket in 2024 and are doubling down on efforts to erase Republican frontrunner Donald Trump from state primary ballots.

Liberal organizations are currently working to overturn lower court rulings that went against them in Colorado and Michigan. In both instances, judges determined that efforts to disqualify Trump over flimsy “insurrection” accusations could not withstand constitutional scrutiny.

But the effort to disenfranchise GOP voters in both states continues.

Far left Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) filed an appeal Monday with the Colorado Supreme Court. The group represents a handful of state voters who argue Trump is disqualified from appearing on the ballot due to the Fourteenth Amendment.

The judge said that the former president was guilty of insurrection, but the clause cited by the group did not apply to the presidential race.

This did not stop CREW from further attempting election interference through the court system.

Organization President Noah Bookbinder said the plaintiffs were aware all along that the case would reach the Colorado Supreme Court. He said lawyers prepared for that eventuality from the outset.

Bookbinder asserted they plan “to build on the trial judge’s incredibly important ruling that Donald Trump engaged in insurrection, and we are ready to take this case as far as necessary to ensure that Donald Trump is removed from the ballot.”

Colorado state Judge Sarah Wallace is a Democratic appointee and far from a Trump supporter.

But on Friday, she issued a 102-page order declaring “there is scant evidence regarding whether the presidency is one of the positions subject to disqualification.” The Fourteenth Amendment targeted ex-Confederates who might seek national office after the Civil War.

However, she determined that Trump intentionally incited an insurrection on Jan. 6. This gave comfort to leftist forces intent on removing him from the ballot, and CREW based its appeal to the state’s highest court on this act.

Three courts already handed victories to Trump in November. A Michigan judge said the secretary of state cannot erase his name from the 2024 ballots.

And the Minnesota Supreme Court threw out a case against the former president being a choice for its voters. It ruled it did not have the power to deny state Republicans the ability to put Trump’s name on primary ballots.