Democrat Politician Arrested And Charged With Mail-In Ballot Fraud

A Democratic member of a California city council is under scrutiny after he was arrested in connection to election fraud. Lodi official Shakir Khan was arrested on Feb. 16 for multiple charges related to election fraud stemming from the 2020 election.

In 2020, Khan won the District 4 seat on the Lodi City Council. But investigators said he took advantage of the loopholes of unsupervised mail-in balloting.

The charges brought against Khan include falsifying voter registration documents, stashing more than 40 completed mail-in ballots at his home, and pressuring residents to fill out ballots for him. According to investigators, he registered 47 people to vote with his phone number and registered 23 voters using his home address.

While it is unclear whether the allegations have led the councilman to resign from his position, local reports have it that he has refused to resign. He has, however, been released on Friday pending further court proceedings. In the meantime, he is prohibited from traveling outside California or the U.S. and must wear an ankle monitor.

This is not Khan’s first rodeo when it comes to criminal cases. He is embroiled in a separate criminal case from 2020 that includes unemployment fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, and illegal gambling. For that case, he is scheduled to have a court hearing on Tuesday.

The discovery of more than 40 mail-in ballots – all sealed and completed – validates fears that elections can be fixed with unsupervised mail-in balloting. Critics of the mail-in ballot system have said it keeps elections vulnerable to fraud as these ballots cannot be tracked.

Data from the federal Election Assistance Commission shows that elections conducted between 2012 and 2018 cannot account for over 28 million mail-in ballots to this day. Situations like these, which happen all too often, constitute a stain on election integrity as the missing mail-in ballots could have been used for fraudulent purposes.

While it has been established that in-person voting is rid of the security weaknesses mail-in balloting has, as actual people would be required to show up at polling venues, those on the Left do not agree. In light of election fraud cases like Khan’s, it is clear why they firmly hold on to the mail-in ballot system.