Democratic Congressman Argues Party Needs Stronger Border Policy

The avalanche of disgruntled Democrats pouring criticism down on President Joe Biden’s border failures grows by the day. This time, it was Rep. Vicente Gonzalez (D-TX) telling “CNN News Central” on Wednesday that the party must be stronger on national security.

There is no national security if millions of unvetted illegals are allowed to swarm across the border, and some on the left belatedly realize this.

Gonzalez criticized the actions of Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to defend the state. However, he took his own party to task for creating an impossible situation to handle along the southern border.

The Democrat declared, “We need ideas of processing migrants further away from the border. We need to raise the critical fear standard on the border. We need to have expedited hearings and expedited removals.”

None of these conditions currently exist. Instead, illegal migrants confidently turn themselves in to border agents knowing they will be released into the country’s interior.

This is hardly a deterrent to make millions think twice about crossing into the U.S. illegally, and Biden knows it.

The dissension in the ranks is getting deeper for Democrats. Leftist New York City Mayor Eric Adams openly questioned the president’s commitment to national security even as he claimed to still support his bid for reelection.

The issue was largely muted when it only involved Texas and other southwestern states.

That dramatically changed when fed-up governors began shipping illegal migrants to blue cities that declared their “sanctuary” status. Now the mayor called on his city residents to “flood” Washington’s streets in protest of having to deal with the consequences of open borders.

Adams in particular has been vocal in calling out the administration’s incompetence, and several times he traveled to the White House to plead for assistance.

After his last trip earlier in December, he dejectedly told the media, “Help is not on the way.”

No, it’s not. Not as long as Biden is in the White House. The country desperately needs strong leadership to shut down the open wound that is the southern border, and Democrats increasingly understand this as well.