Democratic Neurologist Suggests President Biden Has Parkinson’s, White House Remains Silent

Dr. Tom Pitts, a board-certified neurologist and Democrat, has publicly stated that President Joe Biden displays clear symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Speaking with NBC News, Pitts asserted that Biden’s condition is so evident that he could diagnose it “from across the mall.”

Pitts cited several classic symptoms of neurodegeneration in Biden, including word-finding difficulties and rigid movements. “It’s ironic because he has the classic features of neurodegeneration,” Pitts said, noting that these symptoms are commonly seen in his clinical practice.

Concerns about Biden’s health were heightened after reports emerged of a leading Parkinson’s disease expert visiting the White House multiple times. Despite these reports, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to confirm the visits, citing security reasons, although the visits are a matter of public record.

Pitts dismissed the notion that Biden’s symptoms could be linked to his history of stuttering, pointing instead to signs of rigidity and slow movement. “Loss of arm swing, standing up lordotically, and en bloc turning are hallmark signs of Parkinson’s,” he explained. “I could’ve diagnosed him from across the mall.”

Pitts also questioned Jean-Pierre’s explanation regarding the presence of the Parkinson’s specialist, arguing that a military member diagnosed with such a disorder would be medically discharged.

Amid increasing concerns about Biden’s health, there have been calls from congressional Democrats for him to reconsider his re-election campaign. However, Biden remains firm in his decision to run, asserting that he is the most capable candidate to challenge former President Donald Trump in the upcoming election.