Democratic Staffer Poses With Satanic Display At Michigan Capitol

A Michigan Democrat staffer posed with a Satanic Temple goat display at the state capitol Thursday and offered a prayer to Satan on X, formerly Twitter.

Michigan Democrat staffer Samantha Skorka wrote, “In the name of Satan, I claim the s— satanic baphomet goat altar at OUR Michigan Capitol. Amen,” in a now-deleted X post. An organization calling itself the Satanic Temple set up the display in front of the Michigan state capitol earlier this week. Skorka included a picture of herself posing with the display.

The photo and tongue-in-cheek prayer sparked outrage among Christians who take Satan seriously as a symbol of all evil in the world. Seven state lawmakers in the Michigan Capitol signed a petition asking the Capitol Commission to remove the goat display.

“We, as members of the Michigan House of Representatives respectfully request the removal of the statue depicting a satanic goat from the grounds of the Capitol,” the petition read. “We believe that its presence not only contradicts the foundational principles of our nation but also promotes a public display of evil.”

“Our nation’s ethos is deeply rooted in moral and virtuous principles [ … ] The presence of this statue at the Capitol seems to undermine these core values, which are fundamental to the Republic’s foundation,” the letter continued. It concluded by urging the Capitol Commission to “take decision action” and remove the statue.

Skorka has removed the offending post after an outcry online and complained in a post saying, “Well clearly you can’t make a joke on the Internet anymore.” But her original post appears not to have been a joke. Some social media users have found a pattern of anti-Christian sentiments expressed in posts on Skorka’s timeline.

After calling the Satanic display post a joke, Skorka wrote on X Thursday: “Don’t forget to wish a Pagan a happy Yule and bright solstice.” She included a goat emoji with the message.

The row over the Satanic display in Michigan follows a Mississippi man destroying a similar Satanic display in Iowa earlier in December. Republican presidential candidate and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) said he would chip in for the man’s legal defense fund.