Democrats Rebuke Kennedy For Radical Left Running Mate

Democrats recently issued a scathing rebuke of independent presidential contender Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for choosing radical left entrepreneur Nicole Shanahan as his running mate, with some expressing concern that the ticket will take votes away from President Joe

Biden, who is set for a rematch against former President Donald Trump in November 2024.

During a call hosted by the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Rep. Robert Garcia (D-CA) said he was “disgusted” by Kennedy’s announcement.

“I am personally offended and just disgusted by [Kennedy’s] campaign,” Garcia said. “He should be ashamed of himself. He should stop running for president.”

Like Garcia, Pennsylvania Lieutenant Gov. Austin Davis (D) denounced Kennedy, labeling him “a spoiler” while arguing that the independent presidential contender was “drafted into this race by Donald Trump’s top supporters” and “has no realistic path to victory in Pennsylvania.”

The DNC led the call with multiple leftist officials in swing states following Kennedy’s announcement that Shanahan would be his running mate.

Kennedy has faced backlash from the left after leaving the Democratic Party. In October 2023, he launched his independent presidential bid, with Democrats contending that he could siphon votes away from Biden and help Trump become the next president.

A group supporting Biden claimed that Kennedy was a “MAGA-backed candidate” with one mission: to reelect Trump.

“RFK Jr. is a MAGA-backed candidate who is bankrolled by billionaires to help reelect Donald Trump,” the group wrote on a website targeting the independent presidential contender.

“RFK Jr.’s platform is extremely dangerous: he pushes conspiracy theories that divide our country, has made millions of dollars opposing vaccines, and has a history of anti-Black, anti-LGBTQ, and anti-Semitic remarks,” the website states.

Shanahan, 38, is a California lawyer and philanthropist who leads the Bia-Echo Foundation — an organization she founded to provide money toward issues such as women’s reproductive science, criminal justice reform and causes dealing with the environment.

The 38-year-old entrepreneur is also a fellow of Stanford University and serves as chief executive of the patent management firm ClearAccessIP, which was sold in 2020.

When introducing Shanahan as his running mate in Oakland, California, Kennedy said he was “looking for a partner who is a young person.”