DHS Sees Record-Breaking Numbers Of Unauthorized Migrants

During August, over 300,000 unauthorized migrants entered the country at the southern border. Under former President Donald Trump, the number of migrants entering the border was significantly lower, with a monthly high of 65,000.

The border crisis continues to wage along the southern borders of the United States. Texas Gov. Greg Abbot has been bolstering efforts to stem the unauthorized border crossings by migrants.

The Biden administration continues to push for open borders and the movement of migrants to sanctuary cities, as well as pushing for work visas for the migrants.

Last week, the Biden administration announced they will allow work permits for 500,000 Venezuelan migrants. The work permit authorizations come when cities are seeing a migrant surge, and American citizens face rising costs and unemployment rates.

The record-breaking number of unauthorized migrants comes just a week after DHS lost track of 177,000 migrants. These migrants are undocumented and, at this point, untraceable.

There are several issues with the increase in the migrant surge, and population problems are just a tiny part of those issues. Funding increases in criminal activity and the untraceable nature of many migrants are also plaguing cities nationwide.

NYC declared itself a sanctuary city at the start of the migrant surge. Mayor Eric Adams (D) is asking for funding for the migrants, citing concerns over the city collapsing economically.

Crime rates in cities such as Chicago are on the rise. Early this month, there were several migrant arrests for alleged abuse and threats made to Chicago law enforcement.

Like many in Texas, some cities face record numbers of migrants moving through their towns daily. Many migrants may have criminal records, including child abuse and assault charges.

Without the proper documentation, there is no way to know or track the offenders down if they commit another crime. These are the issues the Biden administration is choosing to ignore.

Mayor Adams stated early in the month that this is a federal problem being placed on the states to deal with. Abbot is trying to handle that problem and stem the increase of migrants into the borders of Texas.

Currently, without federal mandates on closing the borders and reducing the number of migrants entering the country, the surge only seems to gain traction.