DOJ Seeks Imprisoning Woman Who Allegedly Stole Ashley Biden’s Diary

President Joe Biden’s weaponized Department of Justice (DOJ) recently recommended sentencing 40-year-old Aimee Harris to prison for allegedly stealing a diary belonging to the president’s daughter, Ashley Biden.

DOJ officials sent a letter to Chief U.S. District Court Judge for the Southern District of New York Laura Taylor Swain, arguing that Harris should receive time behind bars followed by three years of supervised release for allegedly stealing the first daughter’s diary.

“The defendant, as noted in the Government’s September 2023 sentencing submission, is being sentenced for ‘scandalous conduct [that] is appalling and must not be overlooked,’ and which, in and of itself, exhibited a clear disrespect for the law,” the department wrote.
The DOJ continued accusing Harris of exploiting the “administration of justice” throughout the court proceeding.

Officials said the 40-year-old “repeatedly and consistently engaged in tactics to improperly delay this proceeding, including by misleading the Court with false information to justify belated and unmerited requests for adjournments, refusing to appear when directed, and failing to comply with court orders to disclose or produce certain information.”

“A sentence involving merely probation will not be sufficient to deter the defendant from continuing to flout the law,” the department added.

“Moreover, a sentence involving no period of incarceration would be wholly insufficient to reflect the gravity of the defendant’s conduct, including her apparent belief that she is above the law and that she need not comply with this Court’s orders,” it continued.

The Post Millennial pointed out that Ashley Biden’s diary was allegedly left behind in a room where the first daughter was not living. In August 2022, Harris and her alleged accomplice, Jonathan Kurlander, pled guilty to a charge of conspiracy for selling the diary to the investigative organization Project Veritas for $40,000.

Former Project Veritas CEO James O’Keefe spoke of the matter, saying that the “tipsters” allegedly stayed in the room Ashley Biden was no longer in.

“These tipsters indicated that the diary included explosive allegations against then candidate Joe Biden,” O’Keefe said at the time.

Project Veritas later investigated claims surrounding the situation but could not determine the legitimacy of the diary or if it belonged to the first daughter. As such, the investigative organization did not publish the contents of the document.