Dr. Phil Challenges Biden’s Cognitive Health

Dr. Phil McGraw, the well-known psychologist and television personality, suggested last week that Joe Biden should undergo a cognitive exam. At 81, President Biden stands as the oldest president in U.S. history. During his recent yearly physical examination, it was noted that he did not undergo a cognitive test. This omission has fueled speculation and concern over his mental health, especially as he seeks re-election.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre insists President Biden is in fine health, suggesting that his daily activities serve as an ongoing cognitive test. However, as recent polls show, this reassurance has done little to quell the public’s concern. An ABC News/Ipsos poll found that 86% of U.S. adults believe Biden is too old for another term.

The debate over Biden’s cognitive health is not new. Still, it has been reignited by special counsel Robert Hur’s report, which described Biden as a “sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.” This description, alongside Biden’s recent public gaffes, including confusing foreign leaders, has fueled the fire of public skepticism.

Dr. Phil’s call for transparency is not without merit. Cognitive health, particularly in the context of the presidency, is not just a personal issue but a matter of national security and effectiveness. The President’s ability to make informed, coherent decisions is paramount.

Critics argue that the refusal to conduct a cognitive exam may suggest there is something to conceal. The White House is doing little to discourage that speculation with its strategy of avoiding direct answers and preventing the president’s physician from giving a public briefing on his health.

Moreover, the narrative surrounding Biden’s age and cognitive health is an issue that transcends partisan lines, with concerns about age and fitness for office affecting perceptions of candidates on both sides of the aisle. As Dr. Phil put it last week, “People that have nothing to hide, hide nothing.”