Duo Arrested For Kidnapping Scheme Disguised As Delivery Drivers

A Florida couple has been taken into custody after they allegedly kidnapped a 7-month-old baby after driving cross-country to Washington state. Marlly Jarina Ardila-Urrego, 33, and Chun Ho Vincent Lai, 42, now face an array of felony charges. Police have filed a criminal complaint alleging first-degree kidnapping, first-degree burglary, assault of a child and robbery.

The ordeal began when the couple traveled to Washington state with the intent to abduct the infant of one of Ardila-Urrego’s relatives. Disguised as an Amazon delivery driver, Lai approached the victim’s apartment pretending to be carrying out a typical delivery. The unsuspecting mother, who was alone with her children, was attacked as she opened the door, all part of the ruse to gain entry and effect the snatching of the 7-month-old child.

Ardila-Urrego, under the guise of family, had previously inquired about the victim’s address, falsely claiming she had ordered a bed frame for her child, setting the stage for the abduction.

As the victim recounted, she was physically assaulted and restrained with zip ties, a terrifying experience compounded by threats to her two-year-old child. The culprits then fled the scene, leaving the mother and her children in distress. Thanks to the mother’s quick thinking, she managed to free herself and alert the authorities, setting off a rapid response to rescue the abducted infant.

This incident raises significant concerns about safety and security, especially regarding the impersonation of delivery personnel. This tactic exploited the trust associated with service workers. The community and law enforcement agencies are on high alert, urging residents to be cautious and verify the identity of individuals at their doorsteps.

The arrest of Ardila-Urrego and Lai resulted from coordinated efforts between local police and the FBI. The surveillance footage and tracking of the suspects’ phones played a crucial role in their apprehension and the safe return of the kidnapped baby to her family.

Prosecutors have yet to establish a clear motive behind this heinous act. However, the incident appears to be a targeted one, exploiting the vulnerability of the victims known to the defendants. As the suspects are currently held on $750,000 bail each, the community breathes a sigh of relief with the return of the young child to her home, unharmed. The couple is set to appear in court on Thursday for their arraignments.