El Paso Mall Shooting Stopped By Concealed Carry Holder

A responsible gun owner stopped a shooting in progress in El Paso, Texas this week in what gun rights activists describe as an armed citizenry stopping crime.

The swift action of the concealed carry holder prevented a shooting that killed one teenager from becoming far worse.

The incident was stopped by an armed bystander who shot the assailant. The attack killed one teenager, 17-year-old Angeles Zaragoza. The events transpired at the Cielo Vista Mall on Wednesday.

The name of the 16-year-old who opened fire has not been publicly identified yet.

The individual who stopped the active shooter situation was identified as Emanuel Duran. Law enforcement said that the shooting suspect is currently in stable condition.

The event also left three other individuals wounded, two of whom were minors.

The El Paso shooting highlighted several themes of Second Amendment activists. First, the shooter allegedly used a stolen handgun to commit his actions at the mall. Secondly, the critical event was stopped by a concealed carry permit holder.

The event in El Paso is of special note due to the recent history there. In 2019, a shooter killed 19 people at a Walmart in the city. Despite the severity of the crime, the attacker, Patrick Crusius, did not face the death penalty.

The deadly incident this week also highlights conservative activists’ assertions that such shootings are often stopped by armed citizens faster than the police can respond.

A July 2022 shooting was stopped by an armed citizen at an Indiana mall. Furthermore, data suggests that more than a third of mass shootings were stopped by armed citizens.

This includes 124 times that such armed citizens stopped such events as they occurred. Furthermore, data also suggests that there were 25 other cases in which armed citizens stopped what would have likely resulted in such an incident.

While events such as the one this week in El Paso regularly make national news, gun rights activists argue that shootings stopped by regular citizens do not often receive the same media attention.