Embattled Speaker’s Top Staffer Outed As Never-Trump

The controversy surrounding Hannah Fraher, the Director of House Operations for House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA).

Recent emails obtained by Breitbart News reveal Fraher’s strong opposition to former President Donald Trump and his 2024 run for the presidency.

Fraher is a politically connected and seasoned operative whose disposition toward the former president is troubling for conservatives seeking to rid the party of subversive Republicans like herself, also known as RINOs.

In an exchange with the Washington DC Young Republicans, Fraher lashed out at the organization for endorsing Trump in the 2024 presidential race. She accused them of violating bylaws and demanded a refund of her dues. When denied, Fraher responded with profanity and insults

She apparently really does not like Trump.

Sources familiar with the matter have disclosed that Fraher’s hostility toward Trump extended beyond this email exchange. In personal interactions, she frequently expressed her dislike for the former president, criticizing his personality and voicing opposition to his potential 2024 candidacy.

Given Fraher’s influential position in Speaker Johnson’s office, where she oversees Capitol operations, her vocal opposition to Trump raises obvious questions about the state of the House Republicans and the GOP as a whole. Just who are these people hiring?

Fraher even has aspirations to secure a position in a future Trump administration.

The of Speaker Johnson’s staffer is really just one example of a political party with serious problems to deal with that are not so much the doing of Democrats or some other outside force, but problems perpetually caused by Republicans themselves. Sometimes, the way they drop the ball, it’s almost as if some of this stuff isn’t an accident at all.