Former Defense Secretary Disproves Key Jan. 6 Allegation

Then-Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller sharply disputed claims that there was a coup attempt surrounding the Jan. 6, 2021 protests at the United States Capitol Building. His comments directly contradict accusations that then-President Donald Trump was behind the events that day.

The former Secretary of Defense shot down one of the key allegations regarding what happened on that day. In short, the former cabinet official stated clearly his belief that there was no coup.

By confirming that there was no active effort to take over the military, the chances of the protest on Capitol Hill rising to an insurrection are seriously reduced. It also lends credence to the idea that the civil and military authorities did not lose control at any point during that day.

Miller told Tim Pool this week that former President Donald Trump did not have anything to do with potential coup plans.

He said in part, “If it would have gone there, I would have resigned and gone right outside and gotten on TV and said, ‘I resigned in protest because I was asked to do something anti-constitutional.’ Period. End of story.” Miller also stated that he stayed in his role in Washington to provide stability.

He added, “I saw a lot of those political figures that bailed that day doing it for political reasons.” He added that speculation among Democrats that he was in the position to delay the response to the protest at the Capitol was not true. He added that the military “should never be used for domestic law enforcement.”

The comments also underscore the major themes reported by former President Trump. Trump stated that the protestors showed up at the Capitol as part of a protest surrounding the outcome of the 2020 election. He said that they showed love for America, rather than attempting to overthrow the government.

Part of the mystery surrounding that day may be explained by security footage taken by Capitol police. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy released thousands of hours of tape surrounding the event to Fox News journalist Tucker Carlson.

The recent Tim Pool podcast isn’t the first major concern about the events of Jan. 6, though it is likely more information will be released in the coming weeks and months.