Former Disney Fanatic Documents ‘Anti-Consumer’ Prices At Park

A former Disney fanatic recently documented the sky-high prices at Walt Disney World for The Daily Mail, and he is not feeling so cheerful about the destination travel agents bill as “the happiest place on earth.”

Once a longtime Disney fan, Jake Williams now says Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom theme park in Orlando, Florida is becoming so expensive that it is “anti-consumer.” Williams says it is now cheaper to take a family on a vacation overseas than it is to visit Walt Disney World.

Williams says the park has removed services that used to be complimentary and added hundreds of dollars a day to a family’s expenses to enjoy the park. He says the cost for two people to visit the park has increased by 44% since 2017.

The Disney fan recently visited the park with his partner Emmi. The two stayed at Disney’s Port Orleans resort and decided to visit the Magic Kingdom for the day.

Williams told The Daily Mail, “I got a discounted rate at $249 a night,” on the room, “but that really turned out to be $280 a night with tax to start.” He said the hotel room was “pretty nice” and in a good location for the hotel fee.

The couple started their day with breakfast in the dining hall at the resort. “We both got the bounty platter which was pretty good,” Williams said. “The platter is $22.79 per person and that came out to an okay $27.24 with tax.”

Tickets to Magic Kingdom cost $154 per person, so it was $328 for Williams and his girlfriend to visit. “As expensive as that sounds, at least it’s not on a more expensive day like in late November where day tickets can get as high as $184 a person,” Williams said.

“[They] bumped up the prices for both the passes and regular day tickets,” he explained. “We chose to do the classic Park Magic Kingdom which also happens to be the most expensive Park unlike days of the past Disney, it now has variable pricing for each park depending on when you’re going.”