Former Nixon Cabinet Member Henry Kissinger Passes Away

Henry Kissinger, who served as secretary of state in then-President Richard Nixon’s cabinet, recently passed away at the age of 100.

“Dr. Henry Kissinger, a respected American scholar and statesman, died today at his home in Connecticut,” Kissinger Associates said in a statement.

Kisinger had served as secretary of state and White House national security adviser under the Nixon administration and the Ford administration. He is known as the only person to have ever held two jobs simultaneously in the political world.

In 1938, as Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler took Germany by storm, Kissinger fled Europe and moved to the U.S., where he later attended Harvard University as a student and became a Harvard faculty member years before pursuing national politics, as reported by One America News (OAN).

Kissinger shaped the Nixon administration’s policies during the onset of the Cold War from 1969-1977. The then-secretary of state conceived a policy of détente to engage with the Soviet Union, according to OAN. He also initiated a strategic relationship with China.
Chinese officials recently paid their respects to Kissinger in a message streamed across state-run media.

“Today, this ‘old friend of the Chinese people,’ who had a sharp vision and a thorough understanding of world affairs, has completed his legendary life,” a state-run news agency, China News Service, said in a statement about the late U.S. official.

Chinese President Xi Jinping also commented on Kissinger’s death, extending his condolences to President Joe Biden.

Xi Jinping called Kissinger “a world-renowned strategist and a good friend of the Chinese people,” The Washington Post reported.

“Half a century ago, he made a historic contribution to the normalization of China-U.S. relations with brilliant strategic vision, benefiting both countries as well as changing the world,” the Chinese president added.

Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973 for helping the U.S. end the war in Vietnam. Four years later, then-President Gerald Ford awarded Kissinger the Presidential Medal of Freedom because the prominent political official “wielded America’s great power with wisdom and compassion in the service of peace.”

In 1977, Kissinger bid farewell to his tenure in politics and continued his life by starting a geopolitical consulting firm and writing over 12 books.