Harvard President Facing Calls To Resign

Harvard President Claudine Gay is increasingly facing calls to resign from her position, given her refusal to condemn the increasing antisemitism on the university campus.

Alongside her inaction to denounce mounting antisemitism on Harvard’s campus, Gay is also reportedly guilty of plagiarizing her doctorate dissertation.

Harvard’s Board of Overseers is set to convene on Dec. 11, 2023, to hear arguments in favor and against Gay retaining her job as university president.
Harvard’s board is chaired by the former commerce secretary under then-President Barack Obama, Penny Pritzker.

In light of Gay’s actions and potential removal, hundreds of the school’s faculty members have signed a petition to dissuade Harvard’s board from ousting its president.

The far-left New York Times reported that “more than 500 members of the Harvard faculty had signed a petition urging ‘in the strongest possible terms’ to ‘resist political pressures that are at odds with Harvard’s commitment to academic freedom.’”

Such “political pressures” include “calls for the removal of President Claudine Gay,” the petition states.

One prominent Harvard alum, lawyer Alan Dershowitz, issued a scathing rebuke of Gay, saying that after being questioned by Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), the university president “articulated and enforced a double standard of free speech to the detriment of Jewish students.”

Like Gay, the now-former president of the University of Pennsylvania, Liz Magill, had refused to condemn growing antisemitism on campus. Alongside both university officials was the president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), who also refused to denounce the calls for Jewish genocide on the Boston campus.

“America watched in disbelief as these three sat before a Congressional committee this week and declined to call for the disciplining of demonstrators on their campuses, who chant for the mass murder of Jews,” Dershowitz wrote in The Daily Mail.

“These university leaders failed a basic test of moral clarity when they couldn’t bring themselves to uphold the same standard for Jewish students that they would for any other group on campus,” he added.

During a testy exchange with Stefanik, Gay said “calling for the genocide of Jews” is only in violation of the “Harvard Code of Conduct” if the context justifies it.