Hiker Found Dead With Dog At His Side

The body of a Colorado hiker who had gone missing since August was unfortunately found dead with his dog and loyal companion still by his side.

On the 19th of August, Richard Moore, 71, went missing up the blackhead peak in Pagosa Springs while hiking with his dog, Finney.

However, in spite of an exhaustive search where a search and rescue team combed the top of the peak and painstakingly searched the area where Moore’s vehicle was parked — but no trace of Moore was found until October 30th when an individual was hunting in the Rio Blanca drainage area, about 82 feet east of Blackhead Mountain where he found Moore’s dead body.

Incredibly, Moore’s white jack russell terrier Finney, was discovered alive next to his owner. A post-mortem examination was done to rule out any suspicions of foul play, and Finney was treated by a local vet.

According to Taos New Mexico Search and Rescue (TSAR), the missing 71 year old Rich Moore set out to climb the 12500 ft. high Blackhead Peak Mountain east of Pagosa Springs which is where he disappeared in August. Despite being lost for months without access to food or water, Finney survived and is now reunited with Moore’s surviving family members.

Although the reason for Mr. Moore’s death remains speculative, Sheriff Mike Le Roux declared that it does not appear to involve foul play. Search efforts involving aerial, ground, and K9 teams amounting to two thousand hours concentrated around the area of Black Head Peak.

This sad occurrence bears similarities with other reported instances of dogs faithfully sticking by their masters side until help arrived. Another incident in L.A. last year when a husky named King stayed with its owner for 14 days after he died suddenly ​​in a remote area of Griffith Park.

Last year in Arizona a similar occurrence took place where the search & rescue teams found the body of a 74 year old hiker with his dog Ranger at his side, who was alive but suffered through severe dehydration and exhaustion.