Hobbs’ Border Flip-Flop Attempts To Cover Democratic Failures

Democratic Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs made waves in recent days when she announced she will send the National Guard to the state’s border with Mexico. The area is entirely overrun by illegal migrants taking advantage of President Joe Biden’s open border fiasco.

But is this a legitimate change of heart from an avowed leftist? Hardly.

Hobbs announced on X, formerly Twitter, that “I’m taking action to fix the migrant crisis where the federal government will not.” She claimed that she moved to shore up “fentanyl interdiction” and “human trafficking enforcement.”

But she did not. Had she been serious, she would have followed in the footsteps for Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. She would have used the Guard to effectively close down the border and arrest those invading the country.

Instead, she sent troops to handle paperwork. Not to carry on duties that the National Guard is prepared for, and not protect national and state security along as the wellbeing of her constituents.

Hobbs even boasted of earmarking $5 million in state funds to stem the illegal tide. This was before an advocacy group revealed her office sent money to Migration & Refugee Services for the purpose of housing, feeding and clothing illegal migrants in Tucson.

Further, the Democrat has a long history of aggressively opposing proper control of the Mexican border.

Just in June, she vetoed a GOP-sponsored bill intended to criminalize the utilization of electronic devices while trafficking humans.

For three straight years as a state senator, from 2016 to 2018, Hobbs voted to strip funding from Arizona’s Border Strike Force. This function of the Department of Public Safety was to respond to the deluge of illegal migrants flooding the state.

Now as governor, Hobbs declared the agency must “increase operations along the State’s southern border to enforce laws.”

As she campaigned for governor in 2022, the candidate blasted her Republican predecessor’s building of a border barrier using shipping containers and razor wire. She deemed it “an expensive political stunt,” ignoring the fact that the “stunt” was effective.

The fact remains that despite her recent tough talk, Hobb’s run for governor won the endorsement of Living United for Change in Arizona. This radical outfit endorsed open borders and defunding Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

It is bankrolled by George Soros.

No, Hobbs’ recent conversion on border security is merely window dressing. Next year is a pivotal election year, and Democrats must rebrand themselves into something more palatable for the American voter. It’s really that simple.