Hunter Biden Spent Daughter’s College Funds On Drugs

First son Hunter Biden faced possible felony tax charges from the IRS for withdrawing over $20,000 from his daughter’s college fund. That’s the finding of a new report by the Daily Mail, which alleged some of the funds were used for drugs and prostitutes.

According to the outlet, Wells Fargo notified Biden on Dec. 17, 2018 that he has just 44 cents in his account. This information was pulled from his abandoned laptop.

The Daily Mail reported that Biden then requested the bank manager transfer $20,000 from daughter Maisy Biden’s college savings to his personal account. She was in her final year of high school at the time.

He acknowledged that there would be penalties for withdrawing from the savings fund. However, the Wells Fargo official told Biden that he was unable to move funds from the college fund to a personal account.

The younger Biden’s reply was a jumbled mess, but he ordered the bank to move the money from the educational savings account. He told the managers to “liquidate what you can.”

Just weeks before, Maisy and her two sisters along with Joe and Jill Biden attempted to stage an intervention with Hunter at their Delaware home.

He promised to return to rehab but by his own account went to a hotel and smoked crack instead.

Evidence from his laptop painted a clearer picture of BIden’s actions after the intervention. The transferred funds went in part to paying for suspected prostitutes at hotels along with his Porsche 911 car loan and webcam subscription fees.

The probe into Biden’s taxes was led by IRS Criminal Investigation agent Joseph Ziegler. After years on the case, he exposed impediments placed on the investigation by his superiors in a whistleblower case to Congress.

The House Ways and Means Committee published an affidavit in September showing that Biden cleaned out Maisy’s college tuition savings to bankroll his habits.

Ziegler reportedly has yet to pay taxes on the funds he withdrew. There are also thousands of dollars in personal funds he wrongfully claimed as business deductions, according to the agent.

Some of those deductions, according to the Daily Mail, came from massive payments to a convicted prostitute.