Idaho Murders Suspect Wants Case Thrown Out Over Cameras

The high-profile Idaho murder case of Bryan Kohberger took a bizarre twist last week when the defendant insisted that courtroom cameras were focused on his crotch.

He is due to stand trial for the murders of four University of Idaho students in a much-publicized attack that shocked the nation.

Attorney Anne Taylor filed a motion stating, “Mr. Kohberger is entitled to defend himself against capital criminal charges without cameras focused on his fly.” She also claimed the video footage gave “fodder” for commentary on social media.

The courtroom drama was set to start in October but is now delayed after the defendant waived his right to a speedy trial.

Filed on Aug. 24, the motion declared that the media had not followed an earlier request to not focus only on the accused. It asserted that individuals on social media do not follow journalistic guidelines but have a potentially greater reach than mainstream sources.

Taylor added that photos emerging from court appearances were a violation of his rights. She called their publication with accompanying headlines “sensationalistic and prejudicial.”

A hearing to address the motion is scheduled for Sept. 13.

Multiple media outlets pushed back against the defense motion, including the Associated Press. The outlet reported that it filed a motion requesting that cameras be present at upcoming hearings for Kohberger.

The companies told the judge that no photographic or film coverage had focused on Kohberger’s fly. They noted that an image circulated on social media was a blown up picture taken from a post.

Their request stated, “Although Mr. Kohberger argues that he is ‘entitled to defend himself against capital charges without camera focused on his fly,’ that assertion misstates the role that courtroom camera coverage played in the X social media post.”

The defendant asked the judge to throw the case out due to a biased grand jury, inadmissible evidence, lack of evidence and prosecutorial misconduct leading up to the trial.

The horrific crime Kohberger is accused of was carried out in the early morning hours of Nov. 13. Investigators believe he broke into an off-campus student home and stabbed four students to death with a military-style knife.

Two other female roommates who lived there were home but survived. Prosecutors indicated they will seek the death penalty as he “exhibited utter disregard for human life.”