Illegal Migrants Pay $6K To Enter US Border Via Canada

Illegal immigration is most associated with America’s southern border with Mexico, but at 5500 miles the northern border with Canada is nearly three times as long. A New Jersey-based gang comprised of Guatemalans and Colombians is smuggling illegal immigrants across the northern border for $6000 per person.

Migrants are brought in through Vermont by way of Quebec. There are fewer resources dedicated to this route due to the surge at the southern border. Additionally, Mexicans can cross into Canada for short visits without a visa. This allows Mexicans to travel legally to Canada and then enter the United States illegally through Vermont for the $6000 fee.

The irony here is that the gang’s founders — a Columbian named Jhon Reina-Perez and a Guatemalan named Victor Lopez-Padilla — were illegals themselves who were detained by U.S. authorities but not deported. Reina-Perez came in through Texas in 2022, and Lopez-Padilla via Arizona in 2019. Both were released pending further “immigration proceedings” — but neither appeared for subsequent hearings.

Facebook posts from Lopez-Padilla also indicate possible ties to infamous drug smuggler Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, currently serving a life sentence at ADX Florence supermax prison in Florence, CO.

In a shocking example of President Biden’s “catch and release” doctrine, a driver for the gang was arrested by U.S. border agents in Vermont in June 2023 while transporting four illegals. He admitted to being paid $1800 per immigrant – but was not charged.

The southern border is still where the U.S. immigrant surge is largest, but numbers are increasing rapidly from America’s northern neighbor. At least 6100 illegal northern border crossers from 76 countries were apprehended in the past year, which is more than the previous ten years combined.

Chief Border Patrol Agent Robert Garcia —whose jurisdiction is a 300-mile stretch of the border covering New York, Vermont and New Hampshire — has requested that agents stationed at the southern border be reassigned to cover his sector.

In a memo obtained by Fox News, Garcia reported that the surge consists of “primarily Mexican migrants with no legal documents.”

Garcia’s adversaries include more than just the single New Jersey operation. They are the newest player in what has been a growing human smuggling industry that operates openly in Canada.